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The Women's Health and Disability Support Group is a collaborative partnership between The Society for Students with Disabilities and the Women’s Centre at the University of Victoria.

Our mission is to address the wellness needs of all women. We provide a safe space for women to address the barriers that prevent women from being in excellent health. Our group is open to all University of Victoria students as well as the community at large. The group meets on the last Wednesday of every month.

We recognize that without healthy women, we cannot have healthy communities. As ongoing advocates for inclusive and responsive strategies which address the needs of all women from all intersectionalities, we engage in educational outreach and community based activities which engage women in achieving change in conditions which have adverse effects on our health.


  1. Working together to provide a safe and accessible space
  2. Address issues of access to healthcare (encompassing all the determinants of health) caused by poverty, gender, race, violence, sexual orientation, religion, culture, language, disability, class, and socio-economic circumstances.
  3. Developing strategies to remove the barriers embedded within the healthcare system which strongly influence how one experiences health and how one is treated by the health care system.
  4. Advocating for and with our communities for change.
  5. Participating in community activities which create the social and environmental conditions that promote health and wellness.
  6. Enhancing women's sense of wellbeing in an atmosphere that allows us to validate each other's definitions and experiences.
  7. Supporting women's right to make informed choices about our health.

Women's Health and Wellness Retreat

This summer, we are hosting our first annual Women's Health and Wellness Retreat on Salt Spring Island. More information to come. 


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